Ride Descriptions

This index of rides is from the book Mountain Biking in Boise by local author Stephen Stuebner. The 112-page book contains detailed ride descriptions and maps for 29 areas in the foothills north of Eagle and Boise, and the Oregon Trail near Boise. The guide retails for $12.95 and is available at local book shops and many bike shops in town. Several of the ride descriptions are reprinted here with permission of the author.

Beginner Rides

  • Boise River Greenbelt
  • West Eagle Foothills
  • Lower Dry Creek Easy Loop
  • Mores Mountain Beginner Loop
  • Camels Back-Lower Hulls Loop
  • Military Reserve Easy Loop
  • Surprise Valley-Oregon Trail Short loop

Intermediate Rides

  • Ride to Pearl-Eagle
  • Redtail Ridge Loop
  • 36th Street-Harrison Hollow
  • Corrals-Trail #1 Loop
  • Banzai down the Boise Front
  • Crestline-Hulls Gulch Loop
  • Military Reserve Loops
  • Shane’s Trail Loop
  • Table Rock Loops
  • Oregon Trail-Bonneville Point

Advanced/Expert Rides

  • Corrals-Bob’s Trail Loop
  • Hard Guy/Hard Guy Loop
  • Tour de Bogus Basin
  • Hard Guy/Dry Creek Loop
  • Crestline-Sidewinder-Trail #4 Loop
  • 8th Street to the top
  • Crooked Summit-Pines Loop
  • 8th Street-Scott’s-Corrals
  • Trails #4-#5-#6 Ridge Romp
  • Rocky Canyon Road to Aldape Summit
  • Rocky Canyon-Trail #7 Loop
  • Rocky Canyon Right-side Loop
  • Over the top of Shaw Mountain
  • Squaw Creek Loops

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