Board Members and Committees

Board Members and Committees
Current SWIMBA Officers

  • David Thomas – President
  • Kristi Regotti – Vice President
  • Margie Rosenberg – Secretary
  • Thomas Foote – Treasurer

Current SWIMBA Board

Beck, David board seat expires 6/10 424-0098 [email protected]
Casile, Almer board seat expires 6/09 [email protected]
Dinoso, Gary board seat expires 6/10 [email protected]
Floyd, Terry board seat expires 6/10 [email protected]
Foote, Tom board seat expires 6/10 [email protected]
Gattiker, Thomas board seat expires 6/09 208-331-5587 [email protected]
Giese, Jill board seat expires 6/09 (208) 761-4488 [email protected]
Heslin, Terry board seat expires 6/09 870-3423 [email protected]
Edwards, Mike board seat expires 6/10 [email protected]
Hickenbotham, Cody board seat expires 6/09 208-433-1180 [email protected]
Meeker, Daniel board seat expires 6/09 [email protected]
Hawkes, Lisa board seat expires 6/10 [email protected]
Peterson, Jodi board seat expires 6/09 208-484-7766 [email protected]
Regotti, Kristi board seat expires 6/09 208.761.2734 [email protected]
Roehl, Robert board seat expires 6/09 389-0909 [email protected]
Rosenberg, Margie board seat expires 6/10 208-850-7766 [email protected]
Thomas, David board seat expires 6/10 345-5564 [email protected]
Vandervoort, Dirk board seat expires 6/10 208.344.5676 [email protected]

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SWIMBA Committees

  • Membership: Chair: Terry Floyd [email protected]  This committees main function is to develop membership benefits and develop strategies to engage current members. It is expected that this committee wil work very closely and coordinate with the Marketing / Awareness committee.
  • Marketing & Awareness: Chair: Jill Giese [email protected] phone: 208-761-0099. Objective: to increase awareness of SWIMBA. Our top strategies are to improve marketing-communication activities, improve the SWIMBA website, further capitalize on SWIMBA events such as Tour de Fat and Trailpalooza, develop and/or improve our partnerships with bike shops and bike clubs, and increase SWIMBA’s involvement and presence at races.
  • Education & Advocacy: Chair: Tom Gattiker [email protected] phone:208-331-4433. The Education and Advocacy committee has several objectives. One of our objectives is educating users on trail etiquette and responsible trail use. Our committee will meet once a month or less, and meetings will not exceed 90 minutes.
  • Trails: Co-Chairman – Dan Meeker & Al Casile; Contact info: Al Casile [email protected]  Dan Meeker, [email protected] or Office: 208-947-6780, Cell 208- 841-2660 This committee will coordinate volunteers for construction of trails, apply for grants necessary to complete trail construction and participate in other activities directly related to trails construction and maintenance.
  • Fundraising: Chairman – Kristi Regotti [email protected] phone: 208-761-4467. The Objective of the fundraising committee is to generate money to support SWIMBA’s mission statement through grants and outreach events, such at Tour de Fat. (This committee may be divided into sub-committees that work together to achieve this goal.)