Accomplishments and Awards

2007 – SWIMBA extends a commitment to the Eastside Trail Extension project, along with $2,000 for publishing new trail maps. Trailpalooza celebrates the accomplishments of Phase I of the Shafer Butte Master Trail Plan and the map of the new trails is released to the public.

2006 – SWIMBA received a $5,000 grant from REI for maps and signage of Phase I of the Shafer Butte Master Trail Plan.

2005 –  SWIMBA and best ott tv box sets gives $3,500 to Ridge to Rivers for new trails. Some of these trails link Military Reserve to Shane’s. Others include Pole Cat Gulch and Five Mile Creek.

2004 – National Trails Day and Tending the Foothills keep our volunteers busy.

2003 – Tour de Fat comes to Boise for the first time. The Boise National Forest and SWIMBA begin development of the Shafer Butte master Trail Plan. Boise Parks and Recreation enter into an agreement with SWIMBA to develop the Sprockids bicycle school.

2002 – Foothills Ambassadors begain working to educate trail users.

2001 – The Foothills Open Space Campaign and SWIMBA align to raise money and hire a campaign manager. The initiative passed by an unprecedented majority, establishing a fund to preserve open space.

2001-Current – Started local chapter of Sprockids, an IMBA supported program to teach children about moutain biking.  The program is no longer supported by IMBA and is currently know as the Boise Bicycle School.

2000 – Ongoing trail maintenance in the Foothills and Idaho City – 350 man hours of volunteer time.

1999 – SWIMBA/REI trail project in co-operation with the Ridge-To-Rivers Trail Program built two new trails. The first connects Eighth Street to the Crestline Trail (#28). The second trail connects Lower Hulls Gulch with the Crestline Trail (#28). Added and maintained trails in the Idaho City trail system in cooperation with the Idaho State Parks and Recreation Department and the US Forest Service.

1998 – SWIMBA/REI trail project to connect new parking area off of Bogus Basin Road to the Corrals Trail (#31). Cooperated with the Columbia Village Neighborhood Association and the Suprise Valley Neighborhood Association to clean up the Oregon Trail Historic reserve. When complete, this new park in Southeast Boise will have several interpretive trails and be open to non-motorized use.

1997 – SWIMBA/REI trail project to re-route trail #1. Assisted in the development of the Hidden Springs trail network. Cooperated with the Idaho State Parks and Recreation Department to build two new yurts in the Idaho City trail system.

1996 – SWIMBA/REI trail project to construct the Shane’s Loop trail (#26A). SWIMBA receives a “Health of the Land” award from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for it’s preservation efforts within the Boise Front. Assisted the Idaho State Parks and Recreation Department with the construction of the Banner Ridge yurt in the Idaho City trail system. This yurt was the first public yurt constructed in Southwest Idaho.

1992 to 1995 – Ongoing maintenance of the Lower Hulls Gulch trail and various other trails within the Boise front. Educational efforts to promote responsible cycling.

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